The Home of the Boston Irish Wolfhounds, their Tasso Mac and Cheese is in Chapter 5. 

Miami Tridents past and present at Churchill's.

Good to see cheerleaders cook and eat. Thanks to the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders, fans of the Hooligan's Table!

Do not get between these men and a good meal. 

Your author at Harry's in Singapore. A fun rugby pub

At the Brewhouse in Atlanta, Ga. Home of High Country Rugby.

 Your author with Susan, who contributed her special meatball recipe, what's better than spaghetti and meatballs?

Photos from The Hooligan's Table and Your Table

(L) in Tampa with Thor and Andre. A Hooker Wine fan and Hooligan's Table supporter at the former  Murphy's Law, Savannah, Ga. but this city still hosts a great St. Patty's Day Tournament

(L) That's Daytona Beach's most famous bartender, BonBon with fan Sabrina at Tir Na Nog, home of the Daytona Beach Coconuts RFC. Just a two blocks off the beach, a great rugby pub. (R) The boys from Western Suburbs of Fairfax, Va. at Fats' or Fat Tuesday's.

If you're in Los Angeles stop into the Springbok Bar and Grill on Victory Boulevard in Van Nuys. You never know who you might run into, probably a few players on the San Fernando Valley RFC and friends.

(L) Stop in for the kangroo fillet and rugby at The Australian on 38th Street in midtown Manhattan. The Pittsburgh RFC own their own bar and (R) O'Brien's just off Times Square on 46th Street, home of the New York Rugby Club and a great Hooligan's Table supporter.

(below) If you stop into O'Brien's on 46th Street just off Times Square in Manhattan you just might see Jenny pouring a pint, if you're lucky.  

Monmouth RFC in Red Bank, NJ owns their own pub!

A huge pot of sauce with Susie's Meat-Balls from Chapter 4! Meatballs or sausage, The Hooligan's Table offers up recipes for both.

(below) What shepherd's pie is to a good Irish pub, meat pies are to Australian joint, like The Australian in New York City or the Kangaroo and Kiwi in Seattle.

(below) Meet MasterGator Gary "Slapshot" Crumley who shares his private recipe for his famous "Slapshot" Sauce in The Hooligan's Table. So if you're ever hungry in Jacksonville, look for him, chance are he will be eating his next meal, thinking about it or cooking it. 

Ladies love rugby balls and the Hooligan's Table! thanks for the support. Rugby Legend KO loves really big balls!. 

From The Hooligan's Table book tour, Tallahassee (L) and Daytona Beach (R)

(L) Jim Zimmerman an old boy for Tallahassee RFC with Brian a new Tally player. (R) Gerry Keating, Columbia and FSU Alumni and founder of the Daytona Beach Coconuts RFC at Tir Na Nog, the team's home pub.

​A few fans of The Hooligan's Table showed up at USA 7s in Las Vegas! 

​(L) Elvis, actually Harry as Elvis, HarryasElvis and Scots in Kilts love The Hooligan's Table!

(R) (L to R)Lote Tuqiri of Fiji and Andrew Durutalo, a native of Fiji who plays for England are Hooligan's Table fans too!