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Chapter 1       Line Out -Appetizers and Starters
Chapter 2       In the Scrum – Stews, soups and other hearty fare
Chapter 3      Centers – Main Dishes
Chapter 4      Hands in the Ruck – Sandwiches, burgers and stuff you eat with your hands
Chapter 5      Free Kicks - salads, sauces and sides
Chapter 6      Sin Bin – Desserts and other sweets
Chapter 7     Try Line – Post-game cocktails and breakfast 

​​Chapter 1 - Line Out

North Florida Fried Shrimp  
From Scott “Bo” Hunter – Tallahassee, Fl.

Another Florida Gulf Coast dish from the home of the Seminoles. Shrimp can be cooked in a wide variety of ways. Here is a simple and tasty version. This recipe calls for House Autry Seafood Breader, a corn, flour and seasoning mix popular in the South. It also calls for Seminole Swamp Seasoning, which might be a bit hard to find, but you can use your favorite spices, it just won’t be true Seminole cocktail sauce. First mix up the cocktail sauce and then fry the shrimp.

Seminoles Cocktail Sauce 

3 cups, ketchup 
2 tbsp, horseradish, minced  
2 tbsp, Worcestershire sauce 
2 tbsp, hot sauce, (We like Frank's Hot Sauce - Some people put that s&%t on everything!) 
1 tbsp, Seminole Swamp Seasoning 
1 tsp, cayenne pepper 
1 tsp, lemon juice 
crushed black pepper, to taste

Directions –
Put all ingredients in a large bowl, mix together and set aside.  

For the Shrimp 
Ingredients – serves six
2 lb, fresh shrimp (any kind you like)
1 cup, House Autry Seafood Breader
1tsp, cayenne pepper
oil for frying

Directions –
Heat oil in a large pan to about 350 degrees.
Peel, cut and devein the shrimp, your choice if you want to leave the tails on, rise your shrimp in water. In a bowl, combine the seafood breader and the cayenne pepper and mix them together. One by one, coat the shrimp in the mixture and coat each one. Drop them into the hot oil carefully and fry until they are golden brown and they float, about three minutes or so. Do not over-fry your shrimp. Serve with the Seminole Cocktail sauce.

Chapter 2 - In the Scrum. 

Shepherd’s Pie
From the Chip Shop, Brooklyn, NY

Walk into just about any good Irish or English pub and chances are they will have shepherd’s pie on the menu. And it’s almost always pretty good. Ok, it’s my favorite pub dish. This is a traditional dish that goes back hundreds of years. Many a good post-game meal includes this dish which fulfills all the post game requirements, it’s hot, hearty, filling and delicious. Most pubs serve it with ground beef and sometimes lamb. The Chip Shop has two locations in Brooklyn where they serve excellent English pub fare and have even been featured the Food Network. They are the Chip Shop and do make great fish and chips, but this is my favorite dish and they make a great version of it. It’s easy to make at home and a great dish to take to friend’s or the pub, if they don’t serve it there. 

Ingredients – serves 4 

1 tbsp vegetable oil 
1 small onion diced
1 carrot, diced small
1 lb ground beef
1 can chopped tomatoes, 14 oz can
1 tsp flour
1 cube beef stock 
Salt & pepper   to taste

5 potatoes (mashed) 
2 tbsp salt
¼ cup milk 
¼ cup heavy cream
¼ cup butter
¼ tsp garlic powder
4 oz  cheddar cheese, shredded 

Directions – 

First peel then cut the potatoes for mashing. Boil in salty water, about 2 tbsp them until you can easily run a knife thru them. Drain the water and add the milk and cream, butter and salt and pepper and garlic powder. Mix them until they are smooth. Set aside. 

In a skillet, heat the vegetable oil and add the carrots & the onions for 5 minutes. Then add the ground beef cook for a further 15 minutes until the beef is cooked. Add the flour mix in well, add the chopped canned tomatoes and the stock cube cook for about 5 minutes season to taste.  Now place the meat mixture in the bottom of a medium size oven proof dish. Cover with the mashed potatoes then the cheese. Place in an oven 375 degrees for about 30 minutes or until hot & nicely browned. Served with mushy peas. (see recipe, in Free Kicks) 

If you can't find the Chip Shop on your own, just follow this car around Brooklyn 

Chapter 3 - In the Centers   

Blaggard’s Gaelic Chicken
From Blaggard’s Pub, New York City, 

This is a classic dish from Ireland by way of New York City. Liam Lynch is certainly a friend of rugby. He coulda been a star, but he never had proper boots, so he says. However, his two sons have passed him as players, Darragh plays for the Connecticut Yankees and for the rugby league team, the Connecticut Wildcats. Conor plays for Fordham University. Once a bartender who put up with many years of post-game parties for the former Manhattan Rugby Club, 12 years ago, he traded in his bartender’s apron for an owner’s stake in a New York City Irish pub called Blaggard’s, an old English word that means, basically, scoundrel. Blaggard’s has two locations at 8 West 38th Street, right in the heart of mid-town Manhattan and at 210 West 35th Street, a great place both before and after events at Madison Square Garden.  Stop in for a pint or this try this dish, one of the most popular on the menu.

Ingredients – serves four

4, chicken breasts, trimmed
2 oz, butter
½ cup, sliced mushrooms 
4 slices, bacon, cut into cubes
½ tsp, garlic powder
salt and pepper, to taste
1 dram, Irish whiskey, to taste, at least one shot, but three is good too
1 cup, heavy cream 
2 tbsp, cornstarch
1 tbsp, beef stock
½ cup, cherry tomatoes cut in half 

Directions – 

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Place chicken breasts on a baking dish and bake 'til golden brown. About 35 minutes.

Prepare the Gaelic whiskey sauce. 

Sauté butter on a large skillet over medium heat with garlic, mushrooms, crispy bacon bits, salt and white pepper. Add Irish whiskey to suit your taste. (Blaggard’s recommends Jameson’s.) You might want to have a shot yourself; just to make sure the whiskey is still good. If needed add more Irish whiskey. (You may need to continually taste the whiskey.)  Pour into a separate sauce pan. Add heavy cream. Blend in some corn starch and beef stock to taste and desired viscosity. Add cherry tomatoes for effect.

Cook over a low heat for 12-15 minutes and slowly stir all the sauce together. Now that the chicken is cooked, remove from oven and place it on the plate.  Pour the sauce over the chicken. Serve with rice or potatoes and perhaps a vegetable.

Chapter 4 - Hands in the Ruck   

Philly Cheesesteak Or O'Neals Pub Cheesesteak

From O’Neal’s, Philadelphia, Pa. home of the Schuykill River Rugby Club and the Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Club. 

New York and Chicago both claim pizza as their own and Kansas City is a barbecue town, but Philadelphia has cheesesteaks. There are whole books on Philly cheesesteaks and two of the city’s most iconic cheesesteak joints, Pat’s and Gino’s, are across the street from each other. A good cheesesteak must have thin slices of steak and be smothered in cheese. Cheese Whiz is certainly the surprisingly popular favorite. O’Neal’s makes their own version and in a city of places vying for the “best cheesesteak” label, they hold their own.  

A note about steak meat. In Philadelphia you can get frozen steak meat. At O’Neal’s they use South Street Steaks. You can also make it easy on yourself and pick up a box of Steak-Umms, which will do the trick, although no true Philadelphian would do that. So, for best results, get actual steak, some good cuts include; shoulder roast or rump roast or a sirloin chuck. The key is to have it cut into very very thin slices.  

Ingredients – Serves 1  
8oz, steak meat 
3oz, Cheese Whiz (this makes it an authentic Philly Cheesesteak, but you can of course substitute your favorite cheese, but goat cheese just doesn’t belong on a cheesesteak.)

Toppings: they are traditionally served sautéed off a grill
Onions, a few slices, mushrooms, sweet or hot peppers.
Directions –
Put the steak meat on a griddle or frying pan on medium heat. The juices from the steak will start cooking the meat. When the meat is halfway done, add your choice of toppings (not the cheese). As all the toppings start cooking with the meat mix it all together , so you have all your ingredients mixed throughout the soon to be cheesesteak. When the steak meat and toppings are almost done add your cheese and let melt. While the cheese is melting, slice your long roll length wise down the middle. When the cheese is melted open the roll and put the inside on the roll on top of the cheesesteak. Take a spatula and flip onto the roll and cut in half. 

O’Neal’s Variation – Chicken Cheesesteak 

Substitute an 8 oz chicken breast and cut it into small pieces. Cook as above.

Chapter 5  - Free Kicks  

Caesar Sombrero Salad with Chicken
From Sharkeez, Los Angeles, Ca. home of the Los Angeles RC

Here is a twist on the usual Caesar salad with a Mexican flavor. 

Ingredients – serves 1 as an entrée

1, soft corn tortilla, large
2 oz, jalapeno jack cheese, shredded
½ head, Romaine lettuce, cut into strips
2 oz, Pico de Gallo, (similar to salsa, it’s less a sauce and more chopped tomato, onion and cilantro mixture)
1 oz, Tortilla strips (about a handful)
3 oz, dressing, something like a Newman’s Own, Parmesan and Roasted Garlic Dressing works here. Or a light garlic infused Caesar salad dressing. Sharkeez makes their own.
½ oz, ojita, known as the Mexican Parmesan cheese
1, chicken breast, cooked and cut into strips
¼, tomato diced

Directions –
Heat up a large skillet and heat up your tortilla. Flip it over and then spread around the jack cheese. Once the cheese is melted, you may want to cover it for a few minutes, but do not burn your tortilla. In a bowl mix together the romaine, pico, tortilla strips, half of your cojita cheese, and the salad dressing, toss it well. Now put that salad mixture on top of your tortilla. Place your chicken on top of your salad. Top it with the diced tomatoes and the rest of the cheese.

Mushy Peas

From Kangaroo Kiwi, Seattle, Washington

This side dish is very popular side dish in the United Kingdom. A great dish with meat pies, shepherd’s pies and bangers. It’s easy to make and a creamy twist on green peas.

Ingredients – serves 4

10oz, frozen peas (one box)
¼ cup, heavy cream
1 tbsp, butter
½ tsp, salt
½ tsp, pepper
6, mint leaves, chopped fine (optional)
Directions –
In a small pot, boil water and add peas, cooking about 3 minutes until they are soft but not yet mushy. Drain the peas and add cream, butter and salt and pepper and if you want, add the mint.  Stir it all together. Using a potato masher, give it a few mashes or use a stick mixer and coarsely mix the peas. When you are finished you should have a smooth mixture with some peas still whole, and then serve.

Chapter 6 - Sin Bin  

Dead Good Chocolate Cake
From Drew Fautley, Suffolk, England and the Woodbridge Warriors RFC.

Drew lives for rugby. A veteran and player in the British Navy, he played and coached the New York Rugby Club, taking the women to a national championship in 2006. He also became manager and coach for the USA 7s team. He is currently head coach of Woodbridge Warriors RFC in Suffolk in his native England. This is his own recipe for his favorite dessert. It’s pretty simple and pretty delicious and pretty rich. Warning, if you play for Drew and he serves this to you, be prepared for extra running the next session.

Ingredients - Serves 10-12

1, box of Devil’s Food Cake Mix, 15 ounce box
3, boxes of instant chocolate pudding, 3.9 ounce box
2, containers of Cool Whip
½ cup,     Kahlua
6, Heath bars, crushed

Directions –

Bake one cake according to directions. Then prepare the three packages of pudding, according to directions. Allow the cake to cool. 

In a large bowl, glass works best for this dessert, crumble half of the cake. Next drizzle ¼ of the Kahlua over the crumbled cake. Pour half of the pudding on top and spread evenly. Next spread half of the cool whip on top of the pudding. Break up 3 of the candy bars into small pieces (note: put bars into a sealable plastic bag and smash with a rolling pin or bottom of cleats… a great stress reliever). Sprinkle the candy bar pieces over the Cool Whip, saving about a third of the pieces for the end. Repeat the layering procedure, first with the cake, then the Kahlua, pudding and top it with the Cool Whip and finally the again with the candy pieces. Smooth it out and let it cool before serving.

Chapter 7 - Try Line   

Beer Margaritas

From Meg Votta, chef, rugby player, friend

Meg always enjoyed a good Margarita and really, who doesn’t? They are great on the beach, in the summer, with chips and dip and both frozen and on the rocks. Here’s Meg’s twist. She also recommends using a good quality beer and tequila

Serves - 4

1 can, limeade (save the can, you will use this for your measurements) 
¼ cup, Triple Sec
2 cans, water
1 can, tequila, 
1 12oz, beer (lager nothing dark)
2, limes

Directions - 

Combine limeade with triple sec, water, tequila and beer. If you would like frozen margaritas, place ingredients in a blender three quarters filled with ice (use a little less water). Salt rim of a glass and serve with a slice of lime. If you don’t want them frozen, just mix well and serve in a rim-salted glass over ice and a slice of lime. Make a few batches for summer tournaments or the beach.

Bon Appetit

Recipes from the Hooligan's Table